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Positively energetic
2003-05-30, 11:07 a.m.

Positively Energetic

Girls and boys, I am tired. But I still got up and ran this morning, although it still wasn't quite as good a run as Tuesday morning was. My feet and ankles are extra tired, and I had to keep walking just to give them a rest. But still. The energy and good mood for the rest of the day (augmented by a big pot of coffee I just made) are all the motivation I need.

I sat in back of my Lil Guy and some of his friends at their end of school ceremony this morning, and just had to laugh at their "hair gel" issues. One kid's hair looked really good, but he had a couple of gooey gel patches. Another kid's hair looked really good, but he had a little updock in the back. LG's hair, unfortunately, looked like it normally does. He refuses to acknowledge the back of his head. Hilarious hair. Add to that the green stuff under a couple of his overgrown fingernails, and my kid is the poster child for parental neglect and poor hygeine. How bad can things get for the 2 days he's with his dad? Pretty darn bad, apparently. And no belt. Couldn't find a belt. Hello? Dad? Help a brother out - find his belt.

We're meeting with my BIL, the fancy architect, this weekend to go over conceptual stuff for the new house. I'll be armed with my collection of magazine pages. I hope we come up with something really cool, really simple, really innovative (my new favorite word), and so totally liveable that we'll never have any regrets. Ever. Amen.

I will try to add a few more thoughts here later - gots lots of work to do, and I'll take advantage of this positive energy while I've got it.

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