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Just a puppy with a monster foot face
2003-07-08, 9:59 a.m.

I suspect that I get on here and write about the same ol' shit every single day. Day after day after day after day. But let's see...what else goes on? Nuthin', that's what.

So suck it up. This everyday is boring journal is way better than the old kind of journal I kept, which was a drunk and in pain journal. I had to tear all that up and throw it away lest it be found by Mr. Surly and used against me in a court of law. I like being motivated, or even forcing myself, to write on a regular basis on the boring minutia (how do you spell that, anyway?) of everyday life. It's boring, it's pretty routine, and that's life.

Is that thunder I hear? I think so. I love rain, and I love that our leetle aquifer is so full of water that I could hold a carwash in my front yard and nobody could say a word.

Ran yesterday morning with the dog, and this morning without. Well, DW caught up with me and he had the dog, but I didn't have to hold the leash. She wears me out. We let her get up on the bed and lay with us while we watched tv last night, and I think if that improves her behavior at all, I'll let it continue. She was very sweet for a while, but then got down and started prancing around with every article of unattended clothing she could get her hands, uh teeth and lips, on. My favorite was when she retrieved the big scary monster foot slipper from the closet and walked around with it as if she were humming innocently to herself and wondering when we'd notice. "Hmmm hmmm hmm hmm hmmmmm...I have a giant monster foot slipper obscuring my vision. My entire snout and forehead are inside this monster foot. Hmmmm hmm hmmmm hmm hm hmmmm...."

Me so sleepy and dreamy. I awoke at 4:30 with a hot sweaty work-related realization that induced a bit of panic. So I promised myself I'd work on checking it all out today to see where the fuck we stand on this. Fuck you, troubled apartment complex and whore you rode in on.

It's raining in earnest now. I can hear it from my little windowless cave, and it's thundering really nicely now. Time to disconnect the power cable. Love this laptop.

But I digress. I woke up at 4:30, got up at 5:00, drank coffee and read the paper, and went running at 6:00. So now I have been up longer and done more this morning by 10:00 a.m. than most people do by, uh, noon. Or maybe not, but have I mentioned my mental disability? I am anxious and have Adult ADD. I take enough meds to make me more functional and comfie, but not enough to totally erase the symptoms. I like feeling in touch with reality, and I am a little proud that I have enough sense to wake up worried from time to time. No panic, just a bit of worry, like a normal person. All the more reason to take this here machine home with me every day.

Our router is fried, I owe an employee money from a botched paycheck, and I need to proof a narrative report and hopefully make it more number-oriented than wordy. So I shall work now. Ta ta, my sweet pets.

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