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2003-07-17, 9:11 a.m.

Why doesn't my husband listen to me? How can we have whole conversations about bathtubs, showers, etc etc blah blah fucking etc, and I'm the only one who (a) remembers the conversation and (b) takes the action we decided needed to be taken? Why?

And when I tell him that I've been looking at shower enclosures, and shower doors, and that I think we could get away with doing blah blah blah to save some money and some space, he looks at my like I've lost my mind. Why does he do that?

And why does he question my opinions??? When I tell him I like a particular bathtub or kitchen sink, why does he feel like he needs to question the hostile witness? Like I looked at one bathtub and just set my mind on it? No, I have spent hours researching fucking bathtubs and kitchen-fucking-sinks. I'm not making decisions capriciously. I'm checking, double-checking, second-guessing, and laboring over these decisions. And with 3 or words, he reduces my research into a flight of fancy. Laura's just looking for ways to spend money foolishly.

Why should I make a list of every single fucking light fixture, ceiling fan, doorknob and toilet that we need? He'll forget that I've made a list, make his own list, and call me to tell me how wonderful he is for making a list. The fact that I've already done it, collaborated with him on it, showed it to him, and had a whole conversation about it is lost on him. He doesn't remember. He wonders if the Simpsons were on tv at the time we spent 30 minutes working on this together.

I'm very upset about this, can you tell? Why do I do anything? Why do I talk to him? I really think I'll just quit doing anything at all. If he notices, I'll tell him it means nothing anyway, so why bother. I'm PMSy, can anyone tell?

This is my new pet peeve. People who have no fucking memory of having a conversation with me, particularly people I'm married to.

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