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Not so bad Friday
2003-07-18, 9:06 a.m.

Welp, the PMS is officially over, as I am now in the throes of MS, ie menstrual syndrome, not multiple sclerosis. I'm more regular off the pill than I was on. What a treat to get my period every fourth Friday - just in time for the weekend. Oh well, it ain't that bad, and it's gotta come sometime. Why NOT the weekend, I ask. Why not?

With the cessation of the PMS symptoms (which thankfully were only present about 12 hellish hours), I'm not quite as irritated with DW. I realize that he ignores me and forgets our conversations not because he is evil or deliberately being a butthead. It's because he is !gasp! spacy. I married a spacy man. It's no less insulting that I'm that easily dismissed and forgotten, no. Spacy or no, the result is the same: I'm forgettable and my efforts are for naught. But the motivation on his part is not deliberate's his natural spaciness. There's a bit of air wafting about between his ears, bless his widdle heart.

In other news, I haven't quit my job yet. Kudos to a certain colleague for giving me those critical pep talks just when I've decided to lock the doors, steal all the good stuff out of my office, including my beloved laptop which spent a good deal of time nestled on my lap last evening, and hightail it for the wilds of the San Antonio suburbs. I haven't quit today, fired anybody, canceled any contracts, or broken anything. Go me.

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