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Time to make the doughnuts
2003-08-18, 11:14 a.m.

Got up at 10 til 5. Made the coffee, did a little laundry, and then drank coffee whilst preparing dinner for the crockpot. Went for a jog/walk without the dog-from-hell, and had to cut it short because nature was calling.

Fed said hellish dog, did a little more laundry, got in the shower at 6. Got halfway ready for work, woke Lil Guy at 6:20. Got his breakfast going, finished getting ready for work, made the bed, did even more little bits o' laundry, and left the house with the brand spanking new 5th grader at 6:55. We made it to school in 35 minutes. Hooray for beating the rush hour traffic!

Walked LG up to his classroom, and managed not to embarrass him too much. Met his teacher, Mrs. K, who is NOT cute, young, perky, and sweet. She looks like Mrs. Branch, my 7th grade math teacher. I don't think she'll be putting up with much shit. It's a little intro to the real world, where you don't get all your best buddies in the same room with the cute fun young perky sweet teacher, and you might have a bit of a personality clash with your dour teacher, who doesn't give a shit whether you hung the moon or not. I enjoy LG's introductions to reality in a kind of removed, observational kind of way. He'll have more stories later in life from the battles won and dour teachers won over, than he will from the cute sweet young perky ones.

So it's 11:20 a.m., and I've done a lot already, except of course work. Pah! I do no work! Hmmm, mebbe I should.

Here's what I hate: people who say "foilage" when they REALLY mean "foliage".

Here's what I love: t-shirts and caps that show up mysteriously on the front porch. A mystery.

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