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Mexican cowboy
2003-09-18, 2:52 p.m.

Holy Schmolie - I've been off this heyah thing for a month. Um, not much new to say, nothing going on. And then as soon as I say that, of course, I start going on about what's going on.

Dad's 60th birthday party is this weekend. It will include a live band and a Real Mexican Cowboy to barbecue the cabrito. Real Mexicans don't even like cabrito, so why do we? We're Frito-eatin' white trash rednecks, so we eat lil baby goats.

I'm gonna get dad something to wear for his b-day gift. I'm tired of searching for fun, unique, gadgety little gifts for him. He might get a tie for Christmas, and a flashlight for Father's Day. I'm through with originality, dammit, except with my "sentence enhancers" aka cuss words.

Of course, the shopping is disguised as shopping for dad, but what I'm hoping is that I'll accidentally see something I need and be forced to purchase it for myself. Tragedy, I know.

Allergies, bah. Snot, headaches, swallering phlegm down the back of my throat. Coughing. Dizziness. Maybe I'll be sick about 3:30 and skip out of here. Yes, a 3-hour workday suits me just fine. 10:00 arrive at work. 11:40 leave for non-work related meeting. 1:45 arrive back with McD's for lunch. It's almost 3:00 now and I haven't done any work. I suck. I should fire me.

Woo, I am perky on the phone. What's up widdat?

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