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2003-11-01, 11:10 a.m.

I've been ignoring you again, I know. And I'm sorry. When things flow along on autopilot so easily and unremarkably, it's easy to neglect writing it down. But perhaps it is the quiet and easy times that will bring out the weird bits of lint from my brain that will ultimately be much more interesting than to listen to me cry about how mean my XH is, or how happy I am with my sweet DishWasher.

I cleaned out my closet. All my fall/winter clothes are in my "current" closet, and the blatantly summery stuff is in the cedar closet in the garage.

I smell so good right now. I think it's the cotton blossom BBW lotion I'm wearing. I really love it. Soft and, uh, cottony. Yeah!

Our dog Penny is now finally a sweet girl (sweet for her), whom we love and I can finally laugh at her mania and craziness. We can calm her down with the spray bottle or the poppin' lil pink ice cream cone, and she'll lay there all sweet and calm and allow us to pet her.

My sister is getting married next year! Did I mention that before? I'm so excited for her - nothing like a blissful second marriage.

Work update: I'm in control. I have a hellacious todo list that I'm in control of.

I ate the following at Wurstfest last night: a wurst en taschen, a pork chop on a stick, and a plate of kartofelcrispens. And three beers - a shiner bock and 2 mich ultras. I'm sure the low carb beers helped me lose a little weight.

Welp, I s'pose I shall rededicate myself to working out after a week-long hiatus. Bleh - not in the mood, but I guess the mood comes AFTER the workout. If it was easy, everyone would be as hot and marvelous as I am. Hawt!

Time to change the sheets and towels, clean the kitchen, do laundry, pick up the clutter and dust the house. Swiffer dusters make dusting fun! Really!

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