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2003-11-07, 10:17 a.m.

Well, I have come to the shocking realization that my life is a lot less stressful when I work really hard through the day rather than hang around on the internet. Addicted much? Yes, I am. Trying to kick my compulsion to hang out communicating with folks all day rather than do my work. So, I'm working really hard and getting stuff done.

Not to use the dreaded "B" word (busy, y'all), but I have a constant stream of work to do, as well as emergencies and surprises every day, so there's always too much to do around here. But I'm getting it done and it's a lot easier to sleep at night when I know I have concentrated and focused to the best of my ability rather than procrastinating here and on message boards and reading peoples' online journals. Ha! We'll see how long this lasts.

This weekend, I'm going on the much-anticipated camping trip. It should be interesting, because even though XH forfeited the right to have Lil Guy this weekend (he wouldn't trade a weekend with me - wanted his 3 weekends this month as well as one of mine) to take him camping, he's going camping anyway. So I'm taking Lil Guy on the scout camping trip, his dad is coming up, and then the DishWasher is coming up tomorrow after the football tourney. To add to all this complexity, I have my period, am coming down with DW's cold, AND we had a cold rainy front come through, so it's cold and misty/rainy today and through the weekend. And dammit, I'm still so excited and looking forward to this. It'll be LG, me, XH, DW, my period, my cold, cold weather and rain! You can't miss - it's a guaranteed good time. Just for reference, most of other kids there will have one adult with them, and some won't have a parent there at all.

DW and I practiced putting the tent up last night in the living room so I could familiarize myself with it - I hadn't assembled it since we bought it 2 years ago. And I made sure the air compressor works, so we'll have Actual Inflated Air Mattresses to sleep on. Now I just have to pull all of this off tonight, in the dark, outdoors, with whatever assistance I can rally, because DW won't be there tonight. And I'm STILL looking forward to it, dammit.

I think one of the things I am looking forward to is spending time with the XH in a setting where he has to behave. He will have to be at least cordial or he'll risk everyone finding out his shocking secret that he's an ass. Maybe if he practices being decent, it'll become habit, and he'll see that his behavior has the direct benefit of lessening stress and strife in both our lives. Or maybe he'll fall off a cliff or a hungry mother bald eagle will swoop him up and feed him to her young.

Well, it's off to work I go. I can get in a good 6 straight hours of cranking out paper, issuing commands, and putting shit away if I start NOW.

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