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horking tettrazini
2003-12-23, 2:16 p.m.

Sister was in town yesterday picking up some repaired jewelry from oue jeweler friend, and called to see if I wanted to meet for lunch. So we planned, along with Brother, a Sibling Minus 1 luncheon at Chili's.

As Sis and I sat there talking, a lady at the next table was just eyeballing us unabashedly. Giving us those up and down looks, and not even bothering to look away when we caught her. Several times! I could see her eyes glued to us through my peripheral vision, and when I'd turn to glance at her, she'd just fix my eyes with a cool gaze. No embarrassment at all.

After a bit, we all three began to feel that people were looking at us. It was weird - I get that quite a bit, though. I know I'm not that good lookin, or well dressed, or ugly or cool or strange looking. I'm on the fortunate side of average.

As we left the restaurant, more heads turned to watch us leave. Was it that we really are that spectacular to behold? Was it the loud and raucous laughter? Bro suggested, so tongue in cheek, that it was because we all three look so much alike. Sis and I said in mock wonder "I wonder if they're triplets?"

Snort! Bro's dry humor. I suspect it's that he and Sis are so truly beautiful, and the folks were wondering if I'm their average-looking halfsister, or their mother. "She's obviously older than them, and has some sort of muddied up version of their DNA."

After lunch, I bought a straight-jacket for the dog. It consists of a harness, with an attachment loop for the seatbelt. The harness is too big, so I get to tromp into the middle of Dec 23rd Christmas shopping at the Forum, and exchange it. She's a very petite Dobie. At its tightest, she could get her lower jaw under the harness, trying to bite it off her body whilst spinning in circles ala Tasmanian Devil.

I picked up Lil Guy at his friend's house, and he got all quiet and kinda sullen in the car. I attributed this to his anger at my retrieving him from said friend's house (some nerve, mom), but after a few minutes in the car, he fell asleep flopped over with his head on his backpack. And slept a good 12 hours. After leaving him in the garage for a couple of hours when we got home, I roused him just enough to get him to walk into his room, lay down on his bed, and let me take his shoes off.

He got up this morning after twelve hours in the same shorts, t-shirt, underwear, and socks that he'd had on since Sunday morning. Mmmmm, delightful! But in a much better bright-eyed mood than he was on the drive home.

As 2004 is the year of me turning 40 (it won't be til August, but who cares?), I'm getting everything I've always ever wanted. I ordered the Bean boots and the mixer of my dreams, and the in-laws are supposed to be getting me a set of good knives. That's it. I'm complete.

My butt hurts, but before you jump to conclusions, please consider the close quarters of my office. Boxes stacked everywhere, file cabinets, files stacked on the floor, and as I was wrestling and digging through a box of financials, I stood up suddenly and hit my butt on the corner of my desk. Son of a bitch - another butt bruise.

I need to clone myself, so one of me can do my work, and the other one can do my filing and online journaling. Can't people tell that I'm trying not to work here? Why do they keep calling and wanting to talk about work?

The dog threw up a stomach-load of turkey tettrazini last night. Just though I'd share. She doesn't chew her food very well.

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