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Short fly-by
2004-02-06, 4:24 p.m.

I have 6 minutes, because I need to leave the office right at 4:30 to be home right after 5, so I can begin working out right at 5:15, finish at 6, shower and get ready, leave the house at 6:30, and go out to eat at precisely 7 o'clock.

I gave birth to some work triplets yesterday. As of noon today, all three had been delivered via overnight courier to their new parents, and today I am free. I have toodled, filed, farted around, wasted time, and done various little tasks. I cleaned all the files off the floor, and started on a new floor pile. I wrote "floop" at first and I really like this new word. It's a verb.

So far, I have worked out every day this week. I am walking really funny because my BUTTOCKS are sore (I love the word buttocks and like to pronounce it as Forest Gump would, with extra emphasis and enunciation).

I digress.

Although my eating habits are still deplorable, I am working out. It was strenuous activity, preferably running, that my shrink was most interested in to complement and boost the effectiveness of my lil friend Lexapro. P90 will have to suffice- I am too easy on myself when running to get enough out of it. I enjoy running too much to muck it up with sweat and strenuous effort.

I have one more minute. I love my husband. I called my son to say hi and I love you, and he was his usual surly pre-teen self. Non communicative. Monosyllabic. Oh well, I know he still loves me -he admitted as much last week.

It'll be good to leave the office today with a few things to work on at home tomorrow, and not dread the forest fires blazing on my desk.

It's 4:30 - I believe it's time for me to fly.

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