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Get down tonight!
2004-02-10, 9:24 a.m.

I post this in the mornings, usually, so that I can get a clear-headed start on the day. Unfortunately, nothing much has usually happened yet at this time. I've gotten up and done my morning ablutions, gotten the Lil Guy to school, and got to work. Oh, there are breakfast tacos at the desk, and some cussing and fighting and in traffic, and a review of the Revolutionary War story that LG has a test on today, but it really doesn't offer much material for amusing anecdotes or, um, whatever. The wordy train just left my thoughts, apparently. Anyway, I'm sure lots of amusing stuff happened yesterday during the day between yesterday's rambly post, and today's, but I'll be damned if I remember any of it. I've slept since then, shit.

I am loving my new coffee maker lamp timer, aka Mom, and I am loving the good feelings of working out lots, and being able to feed my enormous appetite without guilt.

Last night at about 2:30, I woke up and had to pee. It was keeping me awake despite my best efforts to ignore it. So I got up, peed, and began the stumble back to bed. Suddenly, there in the doorway, was a dark stumbling figure. I threw my arms out in front of me, and simultaneously recognized my husband, the sleep DishWasher (DW), who freaked the hell out. We scared the shit out of each other, there in the dark, one of us leaving the toilet, the other approaching it. I think I said "Shit, babe, I'm sorry!" and he said "I was walking with my eyes shut. Sorry, Schmoops." We laughed a bit about it this morning.

OK, so who puts a bottle of 50,000 ibuprofen back on the shelf without closing the lid? Who just balances the lid on the top of the bottle? Someone who wants to spend 10 minutes on the bathroom floor picking up thousands of ibuprofen while his wife rolls her eyes strenuously behind his back. I think that stunt warranted another "Shit, babe." Maybe I will have "Shit, babe." inscribed on my tombstone, right next to the perma-photo of me grinning with my accordion.

To do list: find a reasonably priced used accordion for obit photo.

Also to do: do a little dance, make a little love. Get down tonight. Woo.

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