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Quiche Lorraine!
2004-02-12, 9:18 a.m.

It's a dreary downtown day. The skies are charcoal gray. But, at the end of my 30-foot my little dog

Quiche! Quiche Lorraine!

I would love to get my ol' turntable out and hooked up and get the old 33's running again. I have a big box of awesome 80's music on vinyl (diamonds may be forever, but vinyl is final) and wouldn't it be fun to tape all of those records and listen to stuff like Planet Claire in the car? I could be 20 years old again.

I know that DW is prolly not satisfied with once-a-week good sex, but lordy, it is really working out for me. Gimme the good stuff every Wednesday, and we'll give him the so-so quicky stuff everyday in between. Poor thing - he's so grateful for what he gets, but then he always has been, even when it was 2-3 times a day. I can't keep up with that, I truly cannot. Sometimes, a girl just needs to sleep, you know? But once a week, watch out.

Saturday is V-day, a fake holiday that I have never really appreciated. During the time that I was married to Mr. Surly, I expected some effort out of him for V-D. Two vd's stand out in my mind: our first one as a married couple, when I didn't have a car, and spent time on the bus route purchasing a red tulip, a card, and his favorite Skor bars, and he bitched at me for spending the $20 or so that I did. Another one where I had gone to some effort, and he went to Walgreens that morning and bought me a coffee mug. I pouted at his lack of initiative and imagination, but it's actually a really fun mug - it says to please return to very grumpy person in a really bad mood. Maybe not the preferred sentiment for vd, but true nonetheless.

But now that I'm in a really good married relationship where I'm fulfilled and happy and appreciated every single day, I have no vd expectations except a large plate of food. All I want is not to cook, and to sit down and be served large amounts of good food. This year, I choose fried catfish. And maybe some shrimp. While I had originally intended for us, as a family, to drive to the state park 3 hours away, as a family, and spend the day hiking and exploring, as a family, and then come home and eat some dinner, as a family, the rest of the family shot that idea down (whining about 3 hours in the caaaarrr). We are going to spend the day at the property working, which is good - it'll be nice to be outdoors, getting something done, reconnecting with the ol' new homestead. And then I WILL be taken out to eat a large platter of fried onion rings, catfish, shrimp and hush puppies. And french fries, too, I believe.

Can you tell I'm hungry - I'm ready for lunch, even though it's only 9:30? I skipped b-fast this morning, and I'm going to have to eat much lunch early. I'm an eating and sleeping machine, which is all the more reason that my 5-days a week workout schedule is such a good idea. It's a vicious cycle without the viciousness. I eat and sleep a lot, so it's important for me to workout. And the working out encourages more eating and sleeping. So basically, working out allows me to do the two things I love the most, and helps me to be able to do more of those things. Life is good, eh?

Welp, time to get 20 things done. My goal today is to get 20 things already sitting on my desk done. Not 20 new things that come up as the phone rings and people have a zillion requests for me to do things, like faxing, copying, sending, looking, executing, writing, blah blah blah. That stack of shit to do right there on the right, that's the 20 things I'm going to get done. Word. Yea verily.

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