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To infinity and beyond
2004-02-17, 2:22 p.m.

I've been inspired to be a concrastinator. A concrastinator is a person who gets everything done so promptly that they have hours to wile away at the end of the day because they have all their shit done. This behavior will not come naturally to me. I am a world class procrastinator.

But just like being shy, and I decided in high school that even if I was shy, I didn't have to act shy. I resolved to stop acting shy, not matter how shy I felt. And that's how I overcame shyness. I knew what it looked like to be outgoing, comfortable, friendly, so I acted like that. Now, I'm outgoing, comfortable, friendly. Even a bit audacious and loud. Even sometimes an exhibitionist when drunk.

So I'm hoping that by acting like a concrastinator, I can rewire the procrastinating parts of my brain so that the behavior becomes the reality.

Is almost-40 too old to rewire a brain? Because there are some other areas that I need to fix, also. Let's give it a shot, eh?

In other news, TB, my sister's fiance (feeyonSAY) ships out tomorrow. I think I shall organize a bowling party for my romantically-bereaved siblings. Poor Bro - broke up with with his girlfriend, which just sucks for all of us. We loved her, but shit, man, he was not the right guy for her -he was not good to her. And I hoping that I won't go insane with TB in Iraq - I can't imagine being in Sister's shoes. She's more worried about missing him while he's gone. I'm worried about his ass getting home in a chair, not a box.

I do have issues about military men coming home alive, don't I? I think I'm allowed - y'all humor me.

After sleeping a whopping 3 hours on Sunday night, I went to bed last night at 8:30. I woke up briefly at 10:00 when I heard Lil Guy making a videogame-related whoop, and stumbled to the door to mumble "You have school tomorrow." His stepdaddeh said "just one more minute." I then proceeded to sleep til 6 this morning. The alarm did go off at 5, and I got out of bed to turn it off. One of my legs buckled under me - I fleetingly thought "I had a stroke and can stay home from work today" but then realized the leg was just asleep.

So 9.5 hours of sleep later, I now have a sleep hangover headache. I'll take it - beats the alternative.

Today is San Antonio's only day of spring - it's sunny, cool, light northerly breeze, and 79 degrees. I'm all fabulous in black pants, black/gray mottled-y looking cotton sweater, and the power red shoes.

I am now going to work on being a concrastinator. I think to do this, I'm going to have to eventually see an end to my workload and ongoing projects list. And then there are the 20 new things that come in each day: letters, reports, inspections, past due bills, letters. All of this is property-related stuff. There are no past due bills for our office - I won't allow it.

All right. Onward and upward. Concrastinators - AWAY!

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