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I've had it.
2004-02-25, 8:18 a.m.

Oh no! I skipped yesterday. It was a hectic day from hell, during which I was yanked, interrogated, and run ragged. So let's add to my hats the following: management company.

What does all that add up to? Administrator/paper pusher - full time. Scholarship coordinator/fundraiser - 50%. Asset manager - full time. Developer - 50%. Management company person - 100%. That's 3 full-time jobs at once. Oh joy. I should be making $150k+ per year. I don't do that. I make less than 1/3 that amount.

My board members apparently find it all too easy to direct me to do something (write a business plan! start a management company!) without understanding I already do 2 or 3 peoples' jobs. Let's just add another job position onto her. Not a new responsibility - a new job. A whole new job. It's so easy, because it's not us, it's her.

I joined ww online yesterday. I overestimated my starting weight, and told them I was 120 pounds. Horrifyingly enough, I was not far off. 118. That's like college fat. How discouraging. My weight keeps going up and up.

My daily points are 20, plus 30 minutes of aerobics is 2 activity points. I ate 21 points yesterday. And I get 35 flex points per week. I hope this works - I'm tired of this downward spiral into middle age.

I need a nap, an assistant, and a drink. I think I'll get to work now. The worst part of my job: answering the fucking phone. That stresses me out beyond belief. The second worst part is trying to get people to do their fucking jobs. Half my job is hounding other people to get their shit done. Why am I responsible for myself, and others at the same time? Why isn't the management company responsible for getting the reports to me? Why must I hound them? Why doesn't the insurance company get the lowest cost best value deal for us? Why am I in charge of doing that? Why don't the compliance people do their reports and numbers without me begging them to do it?

I'm done being yanked around by people who don't do their own shit, and then look to me to be responsible for it. I'm not taking up the slack for others anymore.

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