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just a Friday
2004-02-27, 4:46 p.m.

Still doing ok on the WeightWatchers...did I tell y'all I was dabbling in WW again? No? I am. In fact, I have only consumed 4 points today. Why, you ask? Because my head was hurting again and I took sinus allergy medication. This kills my appetite. Oh, I did feel hungry, indeed, and zoned out and tired and listless. But nothing sounded any good at all. So I ate a lil applesauce cup, and a string cheese, and a diet coke, and I think within an hour, I'll be consuming a beer. Beer has carbs, and carbs are actually good for you. Plus, alcohol is a drug, and drugs are medicine. It's all good.

Wild ride at work lately. I have noticed that as I get more focused on diet and exercise and in the work groove, I write less and less in here. I suppose that level of focus may eliminate some of the random thoughts floating in my head, thus eliminating my need to expel them here. Well, that sucks, huh?

Did I mention that I greatly overestimated my starting weight for WW, and then found out later I was only 2 pounds off? Shock shock horror horror...I was 118 on Tuesday. I weighed this morning and was 112, so maybe only 6 to go til goal? Oh, 6 pounds, you scoff! Dude, when you're 5'1", 12 pounds or 6 pounds makes a big difference. And if I'm stuck on just needing to lose 5 or so pounds, aren't those the hardest ones to lose? The ol' bod really holds onto that stuff. Mebbe my ol' bod wants as much fat as possible so that the estrogen production won't slow down so fast. Mebbe my ovaries are signaling my metabolism to hang onto it - we need all the help we can get. Womb Womb! We need more womb in here! Old high school joke, thank you very much. I'll be here til Tuesday - try the veal!

So don't begrudge me my WW - it's mind control and brainwashing at its finest. It's accountability and support and documentation and honesty and the end of denial.

Oh, I look smashing today. Colored the hair last night, so it's all dark and lovely. Old Levis, white tank, with dark bluey purple button-down over. Hyper-casual Friday.

Poor poor DW - he was very very late coming home from fag, I mean flag football last night. I couldn't wait for him - who knows when he's going to get home. I couldn't stop myself...guess what I did. Yep, that. So I made sure to tell him about it this morning, to compound the pain and insult of lack of sleep, hangover, and now missing out on his wife's schmorgasm. Hah! I was good, too.

I really don't have much else here on this end. I'll be taking off in a few to head out to the golf course and sit and chat with Jill as she tends to her bartendress duties. I'll be her barfly, yes indeed. DW has already told her that we love her and we don't care if she's dating Don or not. Anyway, we all agree: Don is odd. Don doesn't seem to want sex - we think he's afraid of it. Prolly not your best bet for dating. I know that I would have lost patience with him long ago, and had a come-to-Jesus talk about the lack of sexual activity. Hello, are we going to do this or not? Let's get it on, then. But that's me and my dating style. I'm just a slut, or was.

If I can think of anything really funny, really interesting, or noteworthy, I'll be back this weekend.

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