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2004-03-02, 8:46 a.m.

As I peruse past entries here, I notice that I never finish a story. I start something one day, and don't follow up and say anything about how it ends up.

Trip to Austin: met for 2 hours with cpa. They want 60-100 more hours, and 6-10K more dollars to finish. Super-nice principal, mouth-breathing associate. Honestly, we had to translate for the guy because he's JUST NOT KEEPING UP. The good news is that they realize I have fucking had it and they are getting the freakin' audit finished. I think they got that. I dunno - maybe I'm being taken for a ride. But to switch auditors at this point, more time, more money. And mebbe these guys will find evidence of fraud that we can use to bust some ass on a particular management company who shall remain nameless til I have the goods on them.

Was anything else going on? Not that I remember. Although I did notice that my "check engine" light came back on during the trip home. Gee, I hope it's not serious.

And during the part of the trip south of Austin before you get to San Marcos, a little white BMW pulled up even with me and honked, and the guy in the car was waving. I thought "Oh, I hope I don't have a flat tire. That's gonna suck" before I realized it was the dad of one of Lil Guy's friends. My camping buddy. There is no rapport-building exercise between kids' moms and dads than camping in cold rainy weather. There is no part of that camping trip that I will ever regret, and I had a blast and I still am all aglow from how much fun it was. Unfortunately, as boys become BoyScouts, their moms are not as welcome on campouts. Darn. I'm still going to horn in on the weeklong June campout, and if they ever go to Philmont, baby, I'll disguise myself and stow away if I have to.

I shall now work diligently, without ceasing, and get some real stuff accomplished today. I can wile away the hours on the internet when I get home tonight - it's more fun that way. No guilt. No self-flagellation. No self-loathing.

While I'm here, I will say this. This business gets in your blood. If I ever left this place because I was just effing frustrated and had HAD IT, I would still have to find another job just like this one. Affordable housing, nonprofit, running the show, wearing too many hats, and learning something new every day.

AyyyEEEEE. Much to do. Latersh!

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