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Break over
2004-03-04, 3:31 p.m.

Break Over

In first grade, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, we still took naps. In order to take our 1st grader naps, we needed a mat on which to sleep.

Now, all the cool kids had one of those neat red, white, or blue foam mats that looks like a gymnastics mat.

I had a fuzzy gold bathmat that my mother had deemed too ratty to be used on the bathroom floor anymore, and just perfect for her oldest child to rest her head upon during naptime.

That bathmat was the bain of my six-year-old existence. Really, I laugh now, but what was she thinking? Who sends their kid to 1st grade with a ratty shaggy gold bathmat for naptime? Well, it makes for a good story now. If I didn't have these childhood memories of just weird shit, what would I talk about now? I've made people shoot their beverage out of their nose with the shaggy ratty gold bathmat story. I can still see it, feel it. I can smell that old rubber backing on it. I am sure mom had washed it, but you just never get that bathroom smell out of something that has lived on the floor until it was too worn out to be there.

In other news...

After spending a good $600 on my car, getting all its sundry aches, pains, grunts and groans taken care of, especially getting the "check engine" bullshit light turned off, the bullshit light came back on the other day. It seems that when they reset the lil computer, it started detecting stuff again, and detected a bad catalytic converter. So I had the car back in the shop this morning getting fixed (all under warranty, or I wouldn't have bothered). I'm driving a loaner *Echo*, which makes me appreciate my lil car all the more.

Work has been crazy today. I have flown from the car dealership, to the office, to an off-sight meeting 20 minutes later, to a super early lunch at my desk, to another off-sight meeting at noon, back to the office, where I have managed to open all the mail, wrangle the phones, and generally try to dig my way up through the layer paperwork coating my office.

I needed to stop in here for a sanity break.

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