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Expunge, splurge, and amaze
2004-03-11, 12:42 p.m.

Expunge is another one.

Doesn't the word "splurge" sound like something your colon would do? Splurge is a new kind of word...kind of like an onomatopoeia, but it's a word that sounds exactly like something, but means something entirely different.

If splurge were the word for a great rush of poopie from one's butt, then it would be an onomatopoeia. It's really too bad that's not what it means.

You know two words I hate? I hate "spree" and I hate "pamper". I never want to pamper myself - that's sick! When the time comes, I'll just use depends like everyone else.

There's the always present "amazing" that's way overused. I will only use the word "amaze" in any of its variations when something truly leaves me agape.

Which brings me to another thing. Agape. Why do there have to be two ways to pronounce. Agape. Ajar. Abreast. Abashed. Abutt. Heee heeeee! Or is it abut? Abutt. Abutt. Hey, Abutt!

I'm going to sign off here in a few, for good, for the day. I learned yesterday that by just UNPLUGGING the internet cable from my computer, I can get loads and loads of work done.

But first, there's this: got up at 5, even though I didn't have to get Lil Guy to school. Got up at 5, drank coffee and read the paper. Went for a 40 minute run. Took a shower. Made sweeeeet love to my DishWasher. Took another shower. Got to work only 20 or so minutes late - traffic was a bitch.

Can one person be this boring, random, and rambly? I'm much funnier when I'm engaged in dialogue.

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