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Constantly, or at least consistently, vigilant
2004-03-22, 3:04 p.m.

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So, someone tell me why. As I edge on into middle age and the 40's and all, my face has cleared up. But my back and chest are a plethora, yea verily, a plethora, of tiny little bumps that itch and look and act like little bitty zits. What is up with this?

And somebody else tell me, why do I even try to sleep anymore? It's gotten to where I just don't want to do it. I don't lie in bed awake and longing for sleep. I lie in bed awake longing for 4:00 a.m. when I can justify getting out of bed and starting my day. Why do I do this? Why do I wake up 2 hours after going to sleep, and wish the night were over and I could just get up?

I need to just take home plenty of stuff to do, mute my computer before bed so that when I get up, I won't worry about the start-up waking up DishWasher (DW), and just work from, say, like 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. everyday. Just think of all the fun I can have with email. I'll sleep from 10 to 1, work 2 hours, and go back to sleep for 2 hours. That won't eff me up much, will it?

I just feel that as long as I'm not awake just mindlessly panicking and fretting, but I'm actually feeling kinda wired energetic, I might as well harness this energy and get some stuff done.

Oh, I see. That might parlay into some form of workaholism. OK, OK, needlepoint. I'll dig out some needlework this evening, set it up next to the couch, make sure there's always a good movie like Shrek or O Brother ready to roll, and get ready for my midnight hobby. Ooooh, that sounds nasty. Midnight Hobby. Might be the name of my next rock band.

Back to my skin situation. Must be sure to take care of this. Constant vigilance! What movie is that from? Constant vigilance! Oh, it's Harry Potter. Ol' Madeye. I hereby resolve to be constantly vigilant!

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