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2004-03-25, 9:37 a.m.

Moodily swinging about

At least I'm self-aware enough to recognize mood swings and know that the highs are prolly not rooted in reality but in hormones. Same with the lows. I'm so excited and wired-feeling today that my hands are shaking and my butt is tingling. Lucky DishWasher, the quality of his sex life waxes and wanes with my moods. Last night was unexpectedly good, and I just might wait up for him tonight after football.

I'm thinking about going back, editing entries to get rid of all the names, and go public with this here lil site. Not that I have any grand illusions that I'm in any way entertaining, intriguing, or interesting. But I do feel that since I'm all up in other folks' business and private thoughts, I could return the favor and let them in on my shit.

Sounds like a good project to do whilst waiting at home for the DW to get home from his football game.

In order to be the most supportive sports-wife I can be, I think I'll get one of those SUV back window stickers, and it'll have a lil flag football symbol, with the name "DW" and his number, 00. And another one with the men's sr baseball league symbol, with DW and his number, 3 I think. 2? 3?

And in the spirit of not favoring one family member over another, I'll have to get one for Lil Guy, too. He excels at recess and reading and making messes. His number is 1.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Moods. They're a bitch.

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