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2004-03-29, 10:37 a.m.


It was a good weekend. Friday night was laid back - we, as a lil family, ate frozen pizza (which we heated up in the oven, of course, but it started out frozen), lounged on the couch, and watched "O Brother Where Art Thou?" I've taken to calling DW and Lil Guy "little Wharvy Girls" now, and offering them "gopher?" to eat. Gopher?

Alert: the BoyScout camping trip to the power plant lake out by the interstate was canceled. I have mixed feelings about that. Was looking forward to camping aka sitting on my ass reading and being fed by excellent camp cooks, but not so much looking foward to a weekend at the power plant lake out by the interstate.

Saturday started out with the very last pinewood derby in hell I'll ever have to attend, which we had to go to since the campout was canceled. Lil Guy came in 10th. Hooray. Then he went home with his friend, and I hit OldNavy, where I spent $213 of hoarded rat-hole cash on 3 skirts, 3 drawstring pants and 5 tops. Then I bought 2 clearance books at B&N, and went to DW's baseball game, where I sat in the stands and very conspicuously did NOT watch the game, but read in the breezy outdoor sunshine. Then there was parking lot beer-drinking, followed by 4 hours of bowling with friends. Did you know that 240 minutes of bowling burns off 12 activity points? I estimate that I spent half my time sitting around, so that's pretty good stuff. It almost burned off the bowling alley cheeseburger and many lite beers I consumed.

Sunday consisted of sleeping late, going to church, doing yard work, doing much laundry, eating Mexican food, and Lil Guy cleaned his whole room very thoroughly and rearranged his furniture. Come to find out, a lot of his junk moved under his bed but hey. Nobody has to dust his accumulated crap under there, so it's all good.

This morning started out right - up at 5, slammed some coffee, and did the sculpt tape. Ate healthy kashi high protein/fiber cereal, which explains why I've spent half my morning in the bathroom. I'm trying to lose that bloated Mexican food and beer feeling this morning.

It is currently raining and hailing off and on here. So exciting! Back to work!

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