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Chickens, cows, breats
2004-05-17, 12:22 p.m.


Those chick-fillet billboard ads really kind of confuse me. It's a cow dressed as a chicken, telling us to eat more chicken. But why would a chicken want us to eat more chicken?

Or is it a chicken, dressed as a cow? A chicken, dressed as a cow, telling us to eat more chicken. Does that make more sense? Why would I ever take a chicken's word, whether it's a real chicken or a cow in chicken disguise, that chicken is the thing to eat, and that I should eat more of it?

It just really confuses me. I can never tell if those ads are encouraging me to eat chicken, or if they are trying to turn me off of chicken. So I give up - I don't eat there.

3 hours and 20 minutes til I get my bloodwork done and this loathesome fasting can end. I ate a pretty fricking good dinner last night, all cooked by yours truly (that means me), and my last caloric intake was a big thick steaming cup of metamucil at 8 or 9 or so. Black coffee for breakies. Nothing for lunch. Just water. I did lick a bit of light sour cream off the crockpot this morning whilst preparing dinner, but it was just a tiny drop. I didn't remember about the fasting, ok? It's amazing how mindlessly I eat stuff, like licking the crockpot, without even registering it.

I had my mammos grammed this morning. They are just fine. The same mammo-girl from last time did it, and she is just wonderful. Handles the girls like a pro, yet gently. All gentle business. And it doesn't hurt - I don't know about these folks who cry about the pain and the smashing flat and all. So they're flat? Maybe mine are so damn empty and void of contents, including fatty breats tissue, that flattening them out is less of an ordeal for me than for others.

I'm doing good on my do-over work out again, too. Skipped Thursday and Saturday. Worked out like a dog on Sunday. A healthy dog, that is. Again this morning. What with the working out and the diet watching in anticipation of the cholesterol check this afternoon, I've lost at least 3 pounds since last Monday. That's all I logged on WW, because I don't like being scolded, even by a website.

I've got 3 more hours to work today, and I'm going to make 'em count.

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