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Tuesday evening update
2005-03-15, 6:25 p.m.

For all two of you (I dunno, I'm just guessing - maybe it's just one of you, but I digress) who have read here and may have tried to email me, or think it's just cheapass for me to have the basic free diaryland subscription, I'm working on it. I know my diaryland email address doesn't go anywhere, so I have asked them to hook me up. Them, you know...them.

I have also tried to purchase me one a them thar gold memberships, but freaking paypal keeps rejecting me. And if you have ever tried to pay diaryland for anything, you will know that they use paypal to process their credit cards. So if paypal doesn't like you, your credit card is worthless around here.

Could I be anymore dry and terse? Good God. I'm hungry, and seem to have lost my personality somewhere.

Since it is 6:30 and I have been here for the last 9 hours, do I have permission to just go home? Yes, permission granted. Dismissed. Get outta here! Why I oughta....

Update again: I am an idiot. I managed to get paid through paypal, and I found out that I needed to actually activate the email link, which I did, and now it is, and I am an idiot. Some poor person at d-land is going to get the stupidest help request from me. I should send cookies and flowers. Brain death has occurred, so I really am going home now.

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