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Here's a quick afternoon update
2005-04-27, 3:11 p.m.

Here's a quick afternoon update for ya:

Oh wait, background first. At my class last week, I learned that I needed to add a staff person, an admin person, because I am wasting too much time making copies and mailing and faxing shit.

So I talked to the management side of our operation here, and asked what they were paying for admin over there, and started making noises and gestures about getting an admin down on this end of the hall.

So the management admin person down the hall from me - let's call her Amy (because I love that name, and hereby will name my next pet or child Amy), came to me this morning, a bit miffed, a bit put out, and wondered why I didn't just use her? Because she's not all THAT busy, and wants more work, and wants more money, and wants to do my admin work.

We agreed that I would start pushing my admin stuff on her, and if she gets too overburdened with it, we'd reassess.

Here's the update part:

So all day, I've been leaving her little presents on her desk. Stuff to mail and overnight, mostly. The kind of stuff that takes 20% of my day away from me.

You would be amazed at the shift in my attitude. I am cruising through this to-do stack of crap. The logistics of it are a bit tricky, as she is waaaaay down the hall from me, and not within hollering distance.

But I'm not sighing dejectedly every time somebody calls me with some new piece of work that they think it would be a great idea for me to do. Which, as you know, does WONDERS for the professional image of the company, and me personally. The sighing.

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