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I know you are all waiting
2005-06-15, 5:34 p.m.

I know you are all waiting with bated breath (Bate Breath! Bate Breath! Oh, wait...bait...bate) to see the continuation of Black on the Bottom, Pink on the Top, the mullet of the fashion world, and I don't disappoint. Oh no, I don't.

Since whenever I try to look at a camera with a benign expression, and I end up looking like I'm making a face, I decided to just pre-empt all that and go ahead and make a face.

Haggard. Washed out. Tired, oh so tired.

In other news, I have cancelled my trip to Boston next week. You didn't know I was going to Boston next week? Well, there's LOTS you don't know (ok, not so much), and well, now you know where I'm not going to be next week.

Where will I be? I'll give you a hint: it's a very large state with a heart of gold and an ego as big as Dallas. Awwwww. How sweet. We also have rattlesnakes and water mocassins...not so sweet.

And that's okay, because now I'll be in town for Lil Guy's football camp. I kind of want to see how wiped out he is after practices. I'm a lil sadistic that way.

Case in point: he and I went on a walk this morning to gather some il-gotten native plant leaves (stolen from other peoples' yards, that is) for a BSer project, and he whined the whole time. Slow down! My shorts are chafing! Waaaahhhh!

I was all, so you want to play football? and he was all, you're walking too fast. And I was all, you might as well go ahead and either keep up, or quit football before it starts, and he was all, waaaahhhhh.

Thus concludes this end of the day update on what I'm wearing and what my kid said. Please go about your business now.

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