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Kittens, I was swamped yesterday
2005-06-15, 10:06 a.m.

Kittens, I was swamped yesterday. And todayís not looking much better, although Iíll try to think up something funny, shocking, or strange to tell you about later. God knows enough of that happens, but I need to work on actually remembering it and duly reporting it here.

Iím just hopping in to tell you is that in viewing the picture of myself I posted Monday, and the one I am posting today, Iím starting to understand why I have this reputation for being scary.

You see, I thought people feared me because I am mean. I have zero tolerance for bullshit, yet am beautiful and delightful when you get to know me, and I am one funny drunk. But my people, Iím seeing that my normal facial arrangement says ďterseĒ. It says ďgrimĒ. It says ďI have no use for youĒ. Iím not the friendliest-looking thing, am I? Thereís a real tension and stringiness to the neck that implies a high level of stress and uptightiness.

Oh well, I took a picture of myself in the car, driving, for what reason, I donít know other than to document that yesterday, I was wearing a t-shirt in a dark coral color. Yes, that documents day 2 of black pants and dark reddish orangey pinky coral-colored shirts. And today, itís black on the bottom and light pink on the top. Iíll try to document that later.

I know I am kind of, well, TERSE looking in this photo, and whatís scary is thatís my second attempt. The first one was REALLY bad. So bad, that it makes this one look good. Granted, I take these pictures with my phone, myself, with nobody coaxing me into actually smiling. Itís amazing what feels like a smile, looks more like a grimace or a smirk.

Smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk

Note to self: PLEASE wear lipstick, always, amen. God bless us everyone.

I just had to get up and go get served with another lawsuit, but this one I deserved, and was expecting. Remember - was it last week or the week before Ė the weeks, they swirl and blend - when I reported that I had made a business decision that was good for my company and would piss people off? Well, this is the expected lawsuit from the people who are PISSED AS ALL GET OUT. But my lovely attorney says it should be a short, sweet friendly lawsuit Ė around $10k. I can do that in my sleep, and often do, much to the consternation of those sleeping with me.

Oy. Iíll be back later with more to report. Until then, hereís a dramatic reenactment of a conversation between Lil Guy and myself in the car this morning. To set the stage, thereís a bird in the intersection right where he hadnít gotten hit by a car yet, and apparently this bird is having trouble flying and his demise is imminent. Or eminent. Whichever; I'm not going to look it up. Read it like I'm saying it, not like I'm spelling it.


Me: Poor bird. But you know, they canít all live.

Lil Guy: I know, but Iíd rather see a bird get killed by nature than by a car.

Me: I know, sweetie. Good point.

Lil Guy: This is kind of a change of subject, but I really like how the front end of the Mustang GT looks when you see if from kind of an angle.

No, we arenít sentimental around here, are we?

Til later - SMOOCHIES!

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