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Huh. Well. We worked our asses off
2005-10-17, 9:15 a.m.

Huh. Well. We worked our asses off this weekend. See? All gone. No asses left around here.

The old house is compleeeeetely empty, scrupulously bleachy clean, and ready to be show. We stuck a FSBO sign in the front yard, and DW has his first showing today.

In other news, my mom caught me on my cell phone yesterday to let me know that my stepdad has prostate cancer.

Not all THAT alarming - old men get it all the time, and he's a good doctor-goer, so it's early in the game. They go to an oncologist today to figure out where they are and what to do about it.

I have so many mixed feelings. I don't like him all that much, and have never liked him in all the 36 years that I have known him. I was disappointed when he didn't die back when I was 14 and he had to be rushed to the ER with that bleeding ulcer.

But, I guess I'm not quite as immature and hateful and self-centered as I was when I was 14. I feel a bit of detached concern, sort of the same feeling you get when you watch a hurricane bearing down on a city that you don't live in.

The aftermath can be hellaciously heartrending, but watching it approach just gives a sense of curious "Huh! Wonder what's going to happen. Hope nobody dies."

At least for me, that is. I am notoriously dead inside.

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