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As for the question
2005-12-05, 2:17 p.m.

As for the question about whether I prefer dumb deer (who step out in traffic in front of me but will not smarten up enough to kill me), or smart deer (who may conspire to kill me in fiery, staged accidents, but will adapt to their loss of habitat and not lie there dead on the side of the road), I donít know. I donít know which one I prefer. One scares me; one makes me sad. And there are no zombie deer. OR ARE THERE?

In other more startling news (more startling even than zombie deer), Iím finding that I might be smarter than a lot of people out there. Not just the deer. PEOPLE. CO-WORKERS. One co-worker in particular. That is, I knew I was smarter than most of my co-workers, because face it - most folks are morons - but itís a bit disillusioning to learn that Iím smarter than this particular one, too. Who knows whom I will be smarter than next? Do you like my sentence structure?

I have written the beginning of a long, rambling, hard-to-follow account of Mike's and my trip to DC, his personality, and my loss of the will to live at one point, and itís just going to stink up the whole internet if I let it loose on here unchecked. Therefore, please allow this 4-paragraph check-in to suffice whilst I flesh out and firm up (yummy! firm and fleshy!) what has turned out to be a source of blog fodder good for at least the next week. Hi!

TOMORROW: the personality of my colleague/co-worker and why he makes me lose the will to live.

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