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Now with more goat
2006-03-03, 3:31 p.m.

Laura Flea! Now with more goat.


I feel really bad for you all. All of you! Because to my knowledge, there’s only one person out there reading this who has met this lovely woman. She’s funny, she’s bubbly, she’s hyper and talkative, she’s forgiving when her dinner buddy shows up late with some lame traffic excuse, and she’s CUTE. If you have met her in real life, please represent down there in the comments.

Don’t let my giant noggin and spinach tooth fool you – we are both HOT.

Here’s the enigma of this woman I call The Other Laura, and she calls me The Other Laura, and we’re all glancing suspiciously around the room which Laura is the Original Laura, and which one is The Other Laura, until we’re dizzy. (Hint: she’s the Original Laura)

Here’s the enigma that is she. When you read her, you assume she’s your own age, if you are a woman in her very early 40s. When you see her, you think “This woman is 24 years old! Where’s The Other Laura?” And then you ask her, and you learn that her chronological age is right in the middle of how she writes, and how she looks. She spans the generations.

She’s young, and she’s cute, and she’s very, very cool. If you live in Austin, you should be beating down her door to go hang out with her. (EB: She’s cool just like Tifferny!) So say I.

That’s all the ass-kissing I’m going to do today.

I drove up to South Austin, running about 20 minutes late because of a genuine accident on the interstate, and got there finally, and we talked, and talked, and talked, and ate, and drank Shiner Bock, and talked and talked some more.

It was fun, and I highly recommend taking any opportunity you get to meet the imaginary people in your computer.

As we careen wildly onto a different topic, I had a wardrobe crisis this morning on my way to work. I was hating what I was wearing. It did not go together correctly. I had on a t-shirt and cute little jacket with jeans, that all say “Spring!” And my default black boot things. The ones with the stitching on top that I wear every other day because they are easy.

But black boots did not please my soul. They said Winter! and today is March 3rd, and it is Spring! so new shoes were in order. And long story short, I ended up at DSW during work hours, shopping for shoes, late for a work-related event. I bought 3 pairs, one of which I am wearing right now.

Woven wedgie espadrille things! Spring!

I also got some bright green shoes, because they just called to me. I don’t know what I’m going to wear them with. Yet.

Laura Flea! Laura Flea! Take us home! We’ll work out the details later!

I got some sensible worky-type shoes that were Ann Marino, who designs shoes to fit my own specific fat little stumpy foot, as well as being $36. Here they are, chillin with the green purse.

Woven accessories UNITE!

How could you say no to these?

I also ended up with a springy purse.

I was marked down to $20! Buy me!

And I also got gift cards for two girls who are having their 13th birthday parties this weekend, so Lil Guy can be a super-hero, bearing gifts of shoes to the cute, popular girls in his class. If he weren’t just 13, I’d say SCORE!

And I leave you with this thought: our weekend plans include a mixer at the Senior Citizens Center tonight. You heard me right. There’s some special event mixer going on at the Senior Citizens Center, and we are going. Free beer! I asked DW if we could there every Friday night, but no. This is a special occasion.

I leave you with more goat.

Later, dudes.

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