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Letís not quibble over semantics.
2006-03-21, 2:39 p.m.

Last nightís confessions did not happen. Hey, we were having a really good evening. There was sitting together on the hammock, watching the dogs and boy play; there was a good dinner followed by a three-pronged kitchen cleaning attack, in which I played but a minor role; and I got boned real good (bad grammar intentional). There was no room or place in any of that for any confessions.

HOWEVER, driving to work this morning, I called DW and asked him about the Ann Taylor bill. Yes, he paid it. I got on his ass a little bit, because (1) it was addressed to me, ME, and he freakiní opened it, (2) you donít pay my big-ass bills without talking to me about it, (3) he had thrown out a little remark about money over the weekend, and now I can see the source of it, (4) THERE IS NO 4, and (5) that was what all my Christmas money was for. It was not to come out of our big-ass bill-paying account.

It was supposed to be my guilt-free purchase, and it ended up barbing me. You know what this means: I still have $500 of guilt-free money sitting in my account that needs spending.

So that little bit that was taking up financial space has been confessed, and it was as I thought: he already knew. I think he was probably saving it up as ammunition. You know, when you argue about something, and somebody pulls something out of their ass from a year ago, and uses that as ammunition in the argument? Yes, I think he was storing that in his ass.

The second confession that takes up a lot of head space doesnít seem like such an issue by todayís light. Eh. The time will be right eventually.


Since Iím a bit swamped with real actual work today, fraught with deadlines and screaming, frenzied people calling me on the phone, as there are three great big fucking deals being put to bed this week, Iíll just give you a list with links.

Here are some clues that I might be losing my tenuous grip:

1. I canít stop obsessing over and tearing up over this. I live amongst way too much livestock. The animals are my friends, and I somehow equate cows with dogs. Please donít read this unless your heart is an empty hole, or a blackened, shriveled unrecognizable thing.

2. After yesterdayís power BOOM, I have been researching ways to keep our power going during a short-term outage, and methods to keep the well water flowing even if electricity ceases to exist. FOREVER.

My foray into Chicken Flu Preparedness the other day has me thinking. My thinking=your paranoia. Letís not quibble over semantics.

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