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Have fun! Be good! Be nice to your horse!
2006-06-20, 4:04 p.m.

June 20, 2006

Dear Lil Guy,

I hope you are having a good week so far at camp. How is the food? How is your tent? Does your roommate smell as good as you surely do? Have you seen many snakes? Badgers? Wolverines?

We are supposed to get rain today, but since the weather forecasters are acting like it’s definitely going to happen, it probably won’t happen. I checked the weather forecast for camp, and there’s just cloudy skies forecast for you for the rest of the week. That ought to keep it a little cooler, but if it does rain on you, please run out in the rain with some soap and pretend like it’s a shower.

I checked the troop website to remind myself what all badges and activities you are doing. I saw that for Horseman, you are supposed to have “shoes with heels.” Oops. Skateboard shoes don’t cut it. So I called the camp, and the horseman guy gave me a call back and told me that your shoes were not the greatest, but that he’d let you ride with them. I was thinking I would have to run to Target, get you some hiking boots or something with some kind of heel (rather than flat soles), and overnight them to camp.

Unfortunately, you can’t overnight things to your camp. It’s too remote. That should tell you something about where you are camping – you are too remote for DHL or the post office to get there overnight.

You had a really good report card. You got 101 on both your science and math finals, and 103 on lit. Your final grades are mostly As, with a couple of high Bs sprinkled in there. Grammy is really excited.

There’s nothing much else going on around here. Good thing you’re at camp – you’d be bored silly here. It looks like when you get home from camp, you have a three week gap of absolutely nothing, and then you spend a week at the coast with the (dad’s family), and the next week is golf camp. So enjoy camp while you’re there – when you get home, you have three weeks to do your summer reading. Yay! Hooray for summer reading!

Remember to practice good hygiene, and when that fails, you have some antifungal ointment you can use. I hope you’re having a great time, I miss you and can’t wait to see you on Sunday. Have fun! Be good! Be nice to your horse! Be careful with your rifle and on the canoe! I hope they don’t let you use the rifle on the canoe, or on the horse, either. I’ll call the camp and remind them not to let y’all do that.

Just kidding – see you Sunday.

Love, Mom

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