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I knew Nina was the mole.
2006-06-30, 5:55 p.m.

FIRST. Here’s a picture of me being disgruntled. Disgruntled, as used in the previous sentence, is an adjective. However, says that you can also make a transitive verb out of it, i.e. “That just disgruntles the SHIT out of me.” Of course, you catch the irony there, because as you see, disgruntled is derived from the Middle Earth English word for “grunt”.

Can you tell I’m totally disgruntling my pants in this picture? Yes, I used that properly. “Disgruntling my pants” is transitive, bitches.

SECOND. DW* and I stayed up super-late last night (past 11:00!) to finally finish the first season of 24. What? This is akin to replacing the disc-shaped rocks on our cars with actual rubber tires? Whatever. I hate getting roped into a TV show that I have to watch, and if I miss an episode, I’m screwed, and all that. So we never watched it, but we did glom a set of DVDs off my favorite family law attorney, the Mighty Killer B (KB).

Was it just us, or did everybody else grow to LOATHE Teri Bauer by the end of Season 1? We HATED her. “God, would she just shut up and let these people do their jobs?” or “God, could Teri Bauer ASK ANY MORE QUESTIONS?” or “God, if Teri Bauer doesn’t quit staring into space and start ANSWERING NINA’S QUESTIONS, I’m going to jump into the TV and strangle her.”

The point to all of this is, we watched the final episode of Season 1 last night, and we weren’t really sorry that Nina, the hairy mole, shot Teri. I would have shot her, too. Nina, despite being all traitorous and everything, had had to deal with a whole hell of a lot of Teri Bauer that day, and I can’t say I blamed her.

By the way, I knew Nina was the mole. I KNEW there was another mole in there, and I could tell it was Nina.

Be that as it may, can anyone tell me if Teri is really dead? I guess we need to find some new friends with a set of Season 2 DVDs, and see what happens next. I do listen to Glenn Beck in the mornings, and he is completely obsessed with 24, so I have an idea of the major plot points, but I don’t remember hearing whether Teri is really dead or not.

NEVER MIND. I answered my own question. I imdb’ed her (imdb is now officially a transitive verb), and found that she only lasted that first season. Poor Kim. DW and I do like Kim. She screws up a lot, but damn, she’s a teenaged girl. She’s allowed.

THIRD. I finally got another disposable camera developed, and I have to say, I’m not making much of a case for myself to get a real, live camera. I mean, I take pictures like this:

What the ???

And this:


And even this:


I took a lot of pictures of some rain we had, and even though rain is a pretty exciting event around here, I managed to make it look boring:

Woo. Water in the yard. Whoa, I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain. Out in my yard.

And the cutest thing! My sweet baby puppy Piper LOVES the water, and totally wanted outside so she could play in the rain. However, my sketchy photography skills managed to make this boring, too:

Piper drinking rain water.

And here, too:

Piper playing in the same water she drinks.

I also apparently took an AFTER picture of the great Front Yard Detrashification. Here’s a low-res treat for you fine folks:

Beware, for large scary spiders lurk on this here front porch.

But there was one thing I managed to do right. You see, sometimes of an evening (that’s what my grandmother would say: “of an evening”), we notice that the dogs have gone missing, somewhere in the house. So we go looking for them just to make sure they (and our shoes) are all okay. When you go looking for Piper, here’s what you find:

A sweet baby puppy napping voluntarily in her little bed.

When you go looking for Penny, here’s what you find:


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