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Flesh and blood and bone and paper.
2006-08-07, 4:37 p.m.

Iím toying with the idea (see me toying with it? batting it around ever so malevolently?) of maybe not giving up the ghost here ENTIRELY, but instead trying to do an entry once a week or something, but I havenít decided yet. I really REALLY have a lot to do outside of the shiny, wheezing box that sits on my desk with all my friends inside it, and I feel guilty when I ignore the flesh and blood and bone and paper that presents itself to me in real life, but I feel equally guilty when I ignore the people inside the computer who are no less real to me, but instead of flesh and bone and blood and sticks and stones, are composed of flashing bits of light and copious helpings of attitude.

Whilst I mull it over, please enjoy these photographs. The first one is a picture of my sweet baby dog Piper. I tried to get her to sit pretty and smile, but all she wanted to do was bite my hand. She has problems discerning the other dog from the humans what feed her. Anyway, here she is in her natural habitat, lying on the floor biting somebody bigger than her.

Look at my white spotted belly, and momís veiny elderly hand.

Next is a series of two secret squirrel (trademark Laurie) photographs that I took in the baggage claim area of San Antonio International Airport Saturday night, that I have titled ďWhat Not to Wear When TravelingĒ.

When you are traveling by air, please dress up a little more than your pajamas. Flannel pants and big flappy t-shirts are okay for the privacy of your home, itís just FINE, but nobody wants to look at that out in public. I know you want to be comfortable, and I know you have a right to wear what you feel presents you in your best light, whether I agree with you or not, but people, please.

If you are a grown-up adult, and you wear your pajamas to travel on the airplane, people like me will see you and judge you. Itís just the way it is, and you might as well quit fighting, and just lay back and accept it. You will be judged. You have been warned:

Donít look like this in public, PLEASE.

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