SAJ - 2005-05-26 12:42:19
Ha! Look at you linking like nobody's business. Yep it works. Nifty! Here are my comments: 1. AAAAAGH!!!! giant flying cockroaches, do you live in Texas or something. You don't have to answer that. 2. Phew! about the insurance. I knew DW at least had to respect your lack of faith in the eternal sunshine of health. 3. I forget. Something about the spork. I blocked it out I guess.
pinkroo - 2005-05-30 03:35:49
they are called palmetto bugs where I'm from (FL), and when they do fly, they aim unerringly for your hair. SO disgusting--I live in Seattle now, where there are no roaches a'tall. Love that (although there are spiders--hate that).

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