Nancy France - 2005-06-25 13:45:12
Congrats on the Febbie thing. May they never darken your doorway. Romeo's problem..........ahhh I had that problem, but was smart enough NEVER to let any man I'd not met several times EVER see where I lived. I met them in coffee shops and drove myself home if we went somewhere else for dinner. I NEVER went anywhere without access to my OWN transportation unless I was very sure of the man (only 3 ever made that grade, and I ended up marrying the 3rd) Tell Romeo not to meet a "lady" till he's written to her for at least 3 months. That way, he can get a real feel for her personality, and craziness DOES tend to perculate thru even written conversation in that much time. He shouldn't give up, look at us... we found our "mr RIGHT's" by being choosey. (no, I've not updated my blog yet, been busy actually WORKING.. ahhh money....can't wait to be PAID) Nancy

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