Nancy France - 2005-06-29 15:36:43
ohhh to go bar hopping again! Oh to be able to HOP again. Just be on the lookout if you're downtown on the 4th cause I've got to go to work that morning at the HUMONGOUS OIL COMPANY with my nice Angolan gentleman. I may try to actually pry him out of the company cafeteria (hey, he LIKES the food... and it ain't bad) and try to explore the possibilities of other cuisine. I get reimbursed for meals...don'tcha just love it?? be on the look out for a gimpy, fat, redhaired woman, probably wearing a hat (I ain't dumb, just terminally WHITE) and a large set of sunglasses, escorted by a nice looking African gentleman with a slightly confused look on his face. hehehehhheeh oh.. and the Houston Cops........have been told by the mayor to stop wasting time on things like burgleries, and to crack down on the real criminals: JAYWALKERS.. no kidding! but the city has made a boatload a money off'n them there highrise working criminal jaywalking scofflaws! Humph... btw: got more'n a couple of shoes that look suspiciously as if I'm still wearing them even when I'm not. But they FIT so well... Happy Fourth Laura...OH... and the first is my (fifth) Wedding anniversary... working that day too, but we WILL be eating out.

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