MistressMary - 2005-09-27 19:24:49
Photos? Yes?
Nancy F. - 2005-09-27 21:54:46
Photos good, house better. There is another disturbance in the force...err Caribean...named "Stan". You know, if this thing comes and whacks us in Houston, I'll just die of consternation and embarrassment. I mean really, Stan?? Yee gads. Sigh
laura - 2005-09-28 14:20:24
Mary: Um, hmmm. Ah, no. Not yet. Nancy: What would be even better is Hurricane Howie.
Frank - 2005-09-29 06:56:30
Off to play football in San Antonio? What? does DW play for the New Orleans Saints? Congratulations on the new house.

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