Nancy - 2005-09-30 19:13:07
LOL I really do not think I have EVER seen "combobulate" conjugated... LOL
Nancy - 2005-09-30 20:31:27
Hi, uhhhh I "tagged" you in my blog! LOL
MistressMary - 2005-10-01 07:10:12
Ok, that post read like you just drank 2 or 3 ginormous cups of really strong coffee. Or perhaps just swallowed some No-Doz.
laura - 2005-10-03 10:07:25
Nancy, thanks for the tag. I'll be reporting the results later today, or as I like to say, toady. Mary, that is my ADHD-addled brain NOT on drugs. When I'm fully awake, I can be quite perky.

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