MistressMary - 2005-12-06 19:45:00
You need to get yourself an Ipod or something for when you travel with Mr.Won'tShutUp. I'm very proud of you for not a)killing him or b)killing yourself.
Sue - 2005-12-07 08:02:09
I have a cousin that is just like that. I wish I could just come out and tell him that I think most of his stories are bullshit. For all the places he has been and all the things he has done he should be about 103 yrs. old. If you were there, he was there 5 times. When I see him showing up a a family function, I'd like to run. Though, he really does have a good heart. But could he just shut-up!
laura - 2005-12-07 09:10:28
Mary and Sue: yep, and yep. It's maddening. When I hear him walking down the hall at work toward my office (jingling change in his pockets or clicking his pen), I cringe and drop my head into my arms in despair. Then he'll plop into one my intentially uncomfie guest chairs and start rattling off a 15-minute, windy, twisty story, the gist of which is "they are storing the extra doors in an empty unit."

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