Lisa V - 2005-12-30 12:41:57
First off, I hate back fat, but it keeps seeming to find me. It's like the boobs migrate and spread. When I was young and single there was one particular bar my friends and I hung out in all the time. I would enter through the back door and before I could reach the bar, my drink would be waiting for me. We all would speed through family obligations on holidays (even Christmas!) to make it to our "real" barfly family at Charlie's. There would always be a potluck with good food, and of course plenty of liquor. Plus there was always a chance that you would meet "the one." Or at least the one for the night. Head to your bar baby, and I will bet that no one notices the back fat because you look hot in the dark jeans.
laura - 2005-12-30 17:25:37
Thanks, man. I'm going there with my back fat held high, and I'm gonna make you proud.
Krissy - 2006-01-03 09:36:03
I hate the backfat, but what I really hate is when the ass advances bravely into the front of my body. First it moves around my hips, and then before I know it my entire pelvic area is one giant ass. The boobs migrate backward, the ass advances to the front, and everything droops. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I am a former barfly. I loved it. It was a good life. Now any time spent watching Wallace dip and re-dip a carrot is bliss because it means he isn't trying to kill himself with anything, other than oniondippy goodness. But I hear you. A party full of anklebiters in my pre-anklebiter days would have put a wrench in my drinking proclivities. Hell, even this year Andy and I got a sitter for Musician's New Year. Hi!
laura - 2006-01-03 10:59:40
AUGHHHH! I am a bad, bad, barfly. I did nobody proud. I fell asleep at 11:30 and didn't even have sex. Please commence the shaming.

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