Lisa V - 2006-01-27 12:38:04
I heart you by the way. I saw a car all the way up here in Idaho with tons of Texas bumper stickers, including one for Kinky for governor. Thought of you and smiled. Bert chews with his mouth open too. I get all mom on him and reprimand him.
laura - 2006-01-27 13:35:12
Aw, I heart you, too. I'm totally voting for Kinky for governor. He embodies everything I stand for, which is the dewussification of Texas. His brother is the divine Miz S's neighbor, so it's full circle.
Krissy - 2006-01-27 17:28:38
1. Neti Pot 2. Ira Glass is totally cute, in an NPR sort of way, and also totally taken. Much to the dismay of many a swoony Chicagoan enamored of his velarized L's. I'M A COMMENTHO.
laura - 2006-01-27 17:36:51
Oh my. What are you, a speech pathology student? Really, what's a velarized L?
Krissy - 2006-01-27 22:33:25
How'd you know? No, really. A velarized L is one made at the back of the throat. The front of the tongue isn't involved at all. Say "Ira Grass" and then move the "r" further and further back until it works with your soft palate (velum). Eventually it should sound like "Ira Glass" again, but it will be totally at the back of your throat. A velarized L. Voila. And what he uses constantly. I went to college with someone that used velarized L's exclusively. I thought it was pretty cool. P.S. - I'm drunk. XOXOX!

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