laura - 2006-02-07 11:57:47
And then someone tell me how I can set up these links exactly the same each time, and the first few work just right, and the remainder just don't work at all. Shall I blame Diaryland?
laura - 2006-02-07 14:37:22
I fixed it. I had help. Thanks for kicking my ass, Jane.
EB - 2006-02-07 15:13:16
That is too funny, because as soon as I started reading about your search for black loafers, I was trying to think of how to gently tell you not to buy black loafers at all!! :) I'll keep my eyes peeled for something for ya. Also, I love, love, love your 3rd place you'd rather be right now. :) I'd rather you be there too, except not until after March or April like you said.
laura - 2006-02-07 15:58:38
EB, Jane said I'd be dead to her if I bought sensible black loafers. Oh, and that she hates the jeans in the bowling pictures. I feel like somebody's middle-aged mother.
natalucci - 2006-02-07 18:56:07
This is something I have learned: you can never find cute things when you've decided it's okay to shop. The cute things only happen to you when you have no money and your husband would totally bite your head off if you spent money on anything other than groceries, or maybe condoms. And, thanks for the nice words, you made my day! :)
sfk - 2006-02-07 23:54:46
hey! i'm from NC. The beach there is ok i guess, why you wanna go there? you should go to hawaii instead.
laura - 2006-02-08 08:49:01
Natalucci: you're very welcome.***SFK: my sister EB lives there, and I haven't gone to visit her yet, and I'm dying to go hang out with my #1 drinking and shopping buddy.
sfk - 2006-02-08 10:30:49
you and EB should go to hawaii together then!
lucinda - 2006-02-08 12:25:36
I have a pair of black cloth flats that have a tiny woven design in them and they go with everything. They're also more comfortable than leather. I say the simpler, the better. And the more expensive looking. Pointy toes look chic, but they're also very uncomfortable. And DSW? Rocks.

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