Jules - 2006-03-01 12:09:20
Puppy? Of course you do! Heelers are the (second) best! And if you don't need him, poke some airholes in a box and mail him out to California please.
Chantal - 2006-03-01 13:04:07
Yes to the puppy and I would so totally drink with you! And what's with people sharing their insanity? I always get stuck with the "share all of my gynelogical history with you" person. Not a fan of that.
Heather - 2006-03-01 13:58:03
Heelers are great dogs, I like them a lot, BUT. They want to run! And sometimes nip at your heels if they think you need to be herded. One of the funniest things I've seen was a cattle dog watching a group of kids walking somewhere in a disorganized group, and the way the dog frantically wanted to herd them into order. If you get one, you're probably going to need to be dedicated to keeping the dog well exercised. Do a google on them, lots of information about the breed out there.
LL - 2006-03-01 15:56:21
Yes, yes, yes - you need that puppy. I'm also a freak magnet - strange men on buses try to hand me things, crazy women always want to either tell me about their uterus or kick my ass. 'Nuff to make a girl stay home and drink. heh.
Miz S - 2006-03-01 20:23:05
I want pictures of the date. And welcome home to your brother-in-law. He's getting out just in time, looks like.
Sue - 2006-03-02 12:17:36
Yes, you need that puppy! He looks just like my Blue Heeler, Sally!!! I love that dog - but she is a little bit possessive of our family. She sometimes snarls at visitors. When my daughter's boyfriend came to say goodbye to us before leaving for Iraq, I hugged him and Sally bit him in the leg. I guess she thought he was hurting me because I was crying a little. But I love that dog!!! You need one too!

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