Jane - 2006-03-08 16:22:22
ADO. Good GOD. The tattoo remark makes up for it, though.
laura - 2006-03-08 16:41:09
What? It says ADO.
Syllie - 2006-03-08 19:48:52
I hope you don't wear the SAME underpants most every day.
LL - 2006-03-09 11:14:54
So - when you comin' up to Austin again? I'll take you to my favorite tattoo place. Heh.
laura - 2006-03-09 11:37:03
Syllie: I have two sets and I faithfully rotate them until laundry day on Saturday.

LL: We can be tattoo buddies! Sweet! Dude! Sweet! Dude!
Vicki - 2006-03-09 13:11:23
Long-time reader, first time commenter. What happened to your job situation? Did that other company end up buying your company in an attempt to get your "skillz"? Did I miss a post? Or was I not paying attention?
laura - 2006-03-09 15:25:14
Vicki: it's still moving forward, but the logistics of it are pretty mind-boggling, for me at least.
LL - 2006-03-09 20:17:41
".....Phoebe got the WHOLE WORLD!!!" The only "Friends" quote I know.
laura - 2006-03-10 10:03:31
Yeah, Dude! Sweet! is a "Dude, Where's My Car" quote (when they got their new tattoos), but you get an A for effort, LL.

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