otilia - 2006-03-17 17:38:09
(delurking) Hey. I have unruly skin as well, which I irritate in various delightful ways, and my best friend has become Burt, as in Burt's Bees. If your appointment doesn't bring about the desired results, check out Mr. Burt. The products are not too expensive, and I've found them to be very effective. Also, I enjoy your blog a great deal. Thanks for taking the time to beguile me with your skincare woes.
laura - 2006-03-18 16:04:01
It totally beguiles me when somebody delurks. Thanks for reading, and if the Skin Lady doesn't do it for me, I'll be asking you about which of Burt's products SPECIFICALLY I need to check out.
Franc - 2006-03-18 23:56:05
Another delurker: I have troubled skin, but my sister's is about ten times worse. She did the whole accutane thing as a teenager, and still battles with her skin. She also is as frugal as they come. So for her to recommend this stuff and BUY it is too amazing. Two words: Usana Sense. It's a Japanese skincare line that I've recently fallen in love with although I make every effort not to fall in love with things that are going to become a monetary necessity, like the phone bill. Oh well. I have great skin now too.
LL - 2006-03-20 11:43:31
So...are those like McDonald's fairy princesses on your desk, or what??
Lisa V - 2006-03-20 13:41:11
I think zits and wrinkles at the same time are just one of mother nature's fun jokes. Kind of like raging hormones in high school when you are supposed to be having sex. Thats when guys are taking "swipes" all the time.
sfk - 2006-03-20 14:26:17
AUSTIN! feh.

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