EB - 2006-05-08 16:50:01
Check out my camera when you're here this weekend. If you like it, and even if you don't, we can get on the Exchange website and see what they've got because we can get you an awesome deal with no tax and no shipping charges -- awesome! Congrats on your new furniture, by the way. I was just thinking about your living room furniture the other day and wondering if you were going to recover DW's old things or buy brand new. I bet it looks awesome. Let's get you a camera asap so you can take some good photos of it all to share.
maggie - 2006-05-08 22:42:14
I tried to keep the dogs off of the new leather couch, I really did. I tried to keep Big Daddy off as well (he's worse than a border collie...) Anyway, I'll never own fabric furniture again. The dark leather survives dogs, their hair, saliva and things they've rolled in (eww, I know), Big Daddy and his beverage spills and Monkey and her preschooler ability to destroy all she touches. Isn't new furniture the greatest?!? Your weekend sound remarkabley like ours minus the poultry of course.
Laylabean - 2006-05-09 02:24:16
Love your blog! I just found it via the fabulous Paper Napkin and I'll be back. I lovey-dovey my new Olympus SP-350 digital camera. Of course, I'm just a point and shoot gal so if you want something fancier, it may not be the one for you. But check it out, lots of features and surprisingly affordable. And they're having a $50 rebate until the end of June too. Extra bonus!
laura - 2006-05-09 14:39:50
EB: you know I just want a camera so I can make goofy faces and post them here. I know y'all miss that.

Maggie: our furniture salesguy told us that our furniture would probably survive the dogs, but we're going to banish them from the furniture anyway. I look forward to wiping the furniture off, rather than vacuuming it, and then lint-rolling it.

Laylabean: thanks! I am also a point-and-shoot gal; my previous camera experience was my cell phone, which refuses to speak to my email anymore. Thanks for the tip.

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