Rabbitwister - 2006-05-09 15:22:39
Does Mrs. Beans = Penny?? You are by far the funniest, or at least the most "out there" person I have stumbled across in a long while. BTW, I looked at the ad for the sandals. I was shocked they had POLISHED STONES.......JUST LIKE ME!
laura - 2006-05-09 15:29:41
Oh, yes. Mrs. Beans=Penny. For the record, Piper's nickname is Brisket. Beans and Brisket, mmmm.
natalucci - 2006-05-09 15:34:23
Yeah, Peter Pan's favorite thing in the world is stealing my underwear and chewing with glee. It grosses me out.
Syllie - 2006-05-09 15:42:52
Well, at least I'm still the only one with the nickname Goiter. Glad you are getting things checked out, I hope it turns out to not be anything serious, even if it IS the best of all cancers.
Syllie - 2006-05-09 15:44:30
P.S. Before I got to the part where you mentioned me I was totally reading your entry and thinking "Goiter!" Thankfully, mine is long gone with only a faint 4 inch scar along my neck. I like to tell people it's from when I got my throat slit by a mugger's knife. Isn't that much more glamorous? Oh wait, actually no one ever notices the scar unless I point it out. Good old Dr. Bone(r).
laura - 2006-05-09 15:59:10
Syllie, I think you should blame pirates for your scar.
Miz S - 2006-05-09 20:24:39
Oh, how I've missed you. Good girl for going to the doctor. And for not using shock collars on your dogs. Let us know the minute you find out about the thyroid thing.

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