Lori - 2006-06-28 19:09:21
I was between the ages of 5 and 14 in the 80s and I have not a glimmer of an idea of who that Joe guy is, but then again, I spent a lot of time running around in the backyard in Rooster Poot, Texas, in the early 80s and, later, staring out my bedroom window hoping the cute boy across the street would come visit me. (Hint: he never did.) So obviously, I was very popular. Also, quite glad there's a pretty good chance that you probably don't have cancer. xoxo
Shear - 2006-06-28 23:09:28
Dibs on doing your goo gnob's hair. Seriously though, glad you don't have cancer.
Lisa - 2006-06-28 23:39:45
The Go-Go's were set to open for the Police? That's an odd pairing. Glad your gnob got that fancy report from the doc.
Suburban Turmoil - 2006-06-29 04:47:54
So glad you probably don't have cancer! That's basically the diagnosis I got. Let's sort of celebrate together!
laura - 2006-06-29 10:58:32
Lori: You know that song "Party Party Weekend"? That's Joe King. Shear: Thanks. You can brush its teeth, too. Lisa: Back in 1982, the Go-Gos were fresh and punky and new wavey, and so were the Police. They just went in vastly different directions after that. The Blogger fka Lucinda: ::clink!::
Syllie - 2006-06-29 11:28:53
I'm glad you got a good, though somewhat vague diagnosis. Though I know the vague can be very frustrating, it doesn't sound like the doctor is concerned, so that's happy news!
Rabbitwister - 2006-06-29 12:08:59
I saw ZZ Top at Reunion Arena on New Years Eve 1980. The name of the show was "Hear it come 81". A group called the Busboys opened the show. The Busboys are the band that plays one of the bar scenes in the movie "48 Hours". I last caught Joe "King" at the Alligator Grill in Austin last year. He still wears the puffy red cloth crown during a few songs. And the f#*&#% has never emailed me.
Bebe - 2006-06-29 13:02:58
I know how you feel about having made contact with a semi-famous person! I once jumped on stage at a Pro-Am Golf tournament to sing "RESPECT" with a band called Vince Vance and the Valiants. THEN, about 2 years later, I saw them on VH1!!! I jumped off the couch and yelled to my husband, "I SANG with them before!! That makes me semi-famous tooooooo!!!!!
Lori - 2006-06-29 13:24:43
Aaaargh. "Party Party Weekend" does not ring a bell! WHERE WAS I IN THE 80s??? *goes to look this guy up and maybe find a sound file*
Miz S - 2006-06-29 17:50:16
Dudette! I suck for not checking in yesterday to find out that you probably don't have cancer. Anyways, I am happy happy happy for you. I suspect you will be entertaining us for years to come.
Nancy - 2006-06-29 17:52:03
May your gnob be forever boringly gnobby. ((hugs)) my dear. I'm very glad about the "probably not"... it's soooo much better that, "I'm pretty sure that you do".
Marseee - 2006-06-30 10:23:47
lurker here. I saw the Police that year too! We were going specifically to see the Go-Go's and they cancelled. In Pittsburgh, they replaced them with Bow-Wow-Wow. I didn't know who they were, but later saw their video for "I Want Candy" on MTV. The lead singer (girl) had a mohawk.

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