laura - 2006-06-30 19:03:42
Ha! I forgot my *. It was that I have finally realized that when I reference DishWasher with a DW, it really looks like I'm referring to my Dear Wife. It took me a while to catch that.
Patti - 2006-07-01 13:02:31
TOTALLY enjoyed your blog. What a sweet puppy! And yes.... they do tend to tear things up a bit. I had one puppy, by the time he was a year old, I had no indoor our outdoor potted plants left, then he targeted my rose bushes.
sfk - 2006-07-01 14:29:42
omg PUPPIES!!11!!!!1!!
laura - 2006-07-03 10:41:00
The ironical part of it all, is that Piper, the actual puppy, is the one sleeping sweetly in her bed, and Penny, who is 4 years old, is the one disappearing and wreaking havoc on innocent couch pillows.

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