EB - 2006-08-16 09:25:56
There's also nothing wrong with getting so excited about an Excel spreadsheet that you send it to your sister and reveal your spreadsheet nerdiness.
laura - 2006-08-16 11:03:11
EB, I think there'd be something wrong if I DIDN'T do that.
LA - 2006-08-16 15:29:15
Hi! Thanks for listing me. I am completely intrigued by what I've read here so far. I am also on my 2nd pot of coffee today, this in a regularly caffeine-free life, so please excuse any overt weirdness. Did a bit of archive diving and happened on an entry with a pic. Hooray! Another chick with the short hair/arty glasses/killer earrings thing going on! We rock. May I ask how you found me, how long you've been reading and whether you've read enough to know what you're getting into? The first two are simple curiosity, but the latter is cautionary. I can't tell you how many times people have listed me based on ONE entry and then have the nerve to go all psycho and offended when I post an entry full of cussing, slams at the GOP, and the usual yadda. Thanks ever so. Also welcome to the Sage Gang. ~LA
Rabbitwister - 2006-08-22 14:00:16
I'm sorry, but as a friend I must inform you that you are sick to find satisfaction in paperwork. I will pray for you.

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